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Digitizing Field Operations And Paperwork: QR Mobile Data No Code Platform For Field Data Collection

Digitize field operations using QR Mobile Data no code platform. Use QR Mobile Data for building mobile forms & checklists for the digital field data collection with the smartphones. Use digital mobile forms for the field service paperwork - from equipment maintenance to inspections to assets tracking, and more.

What Does It Mean To Digitize Field Operations And Paperwork?

What does digitizing of the field operations and paperwork mean and how it can improve field employees performance and productivity

Digitizing field operations and paperwork means converting all field paperwork into the digital forms and checklists for the field data collection. Field technicians can fill out digital forms and checklists on the mobile devices: smartphones, tablets or mobile computers. Completed digital paperwork is submitted to the cloud, where the data are processed and are made available to the authorized personnel via reports. Reports can be accessed online via a secure web dashboard, or downloaded in a format of the user choice: csv, pdf, txt, etc.

What kind of field paperwork can we digitize?

Practically any document that field technicians need to fill out on the job site can be digitized - converted into the digital mobile form or checklist. Using mobile forms and checklists field employees can track parts and materials deliveries and usage, equipment installation, equipment maintenance and repairs, fill out quality control forms and safety inspection checklists, conduct job site orientation, track visitors and subcontractors, etc. Some digital form examples include:

  • Equipment maintenance forms
  • Equipment inspections checklists
  • Safety inspection checklist
  • Job site materials delivery form
  • Final project walkthrough forms
  • Project commissioning forms
  • Quality control forms and checklists
  • Field inventory requisition forms
  • Field reports
  • Fleet inspection / DVIR forms
  • SOP checklists
  • Field equipment damage reports
  • Access data from data loggers
  • Tasks completion checklists
  • and more...

Please check out which custom and ready to use digital forms are available in the QR Mobile Data software.

Digitizing field operations have additional benefits besides mobile data collection and digital documentation. Technicians can access equipment and assets specifications, documentation and past service records in the field by scanning a QR code or barcode with a smartphone. This option makes field technicians' work much more productive and helps them make informed decisions.

In order to simplify field data capture and data access, QR code scanning or RF tags (NFC, RFID, bluetooth) are used on the equipment, facilities or construction site areas. This allows field employees to access information, load and submit relevant digital forms by scanning a tag with the smartphone, tablet or mobile computer. QR code / NFC / bluetooth tags scanning simplifies field data collection and data access, and eliminates errors associated with the manual entries.

How Can We Digitize Field Operations And Field Paperwork?

Use QR Mobile Data no code platform to create custom digital forms and checklists for the field data collection. Field technicians will be able to access forms on the mobile devices: smartphones, tablets or mobile computers running iOS or Android, fill them out and submit to the cloud. Create custom mobile forms from the scratch, or use ready to use digital forms available in the QR Mobile Data software.

In order to digitize field operations and paperwork you need several components:

  • Mobile devices for the field data collection and access. You can use regular smartphones or tablets, or mobile computers that are specifically made to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. These mobile devices have capabilities of scanning QR codes, barcodes, NFC tags, bluetooth tags, take photos and record GPS locations - all these capabilities are very useful for the field data collection and documentation.
  • QR code or barcode labels, NFC tags or bluetooth tags. Tag / label all business objects that field technicians are dealing with. Business objects can include job site equipment, assets, job site areas, facilities, employees, etc., etc. Scanning QR codes, NFC tags or bluetooth tags speeds up and simplifies field data collection and access process for the field technicians, and eliminates manual entries errors.
  • Field data collection mobile application. You need a field data collection mobile application installed on the smartphones or tablets. A mobile application will ensure that only authorized users can access assets information and submit digital forms, will allow field technicians to fill out mobile forms and access data, will work as a QR code / NFC / bluetooth scanner, allow for taking photos and collecting signatures, and will connect individual mobile devices of the field technicians to the cloud backend.
  • Cloud server with the backend database and web based user interface. All digital paperwork collected in the field via the mobile forms is sent to the cloud backend for processing and storing in the central database. From there the data can be accessed by all authorized users, on the mobile devices in the field and on the desktop computers in the office.

How do we digitize our existing paper or pdf forms for the field data collection?

QR Mobile Data no code platform allows you to create custom mobile forms and checklists via the web dashboard. You will be able to create digital forms that mimic your existing paper or pdf forms, and modernize them to create more capabilities. For example, with the digital mobile forms you will be able to add options to scan in data, selection and hint lists, auto-fill options, ability to add photos, collect signatures, capture GPS location, add dynamic sections, etc., etc.. You can check out more details on the mobile forms capabilities in the QR Mobile Data software.

How do field technicians access digital forms on the smartphones?

Digital mobile forms for the field operations that you created in QR Mobile Data software are stored in the secure cloud and are accessible to the authorized mobile devices and computers. Field technicians will scan a QR code, NFC or bluetooth tag to access mobile forms that are relevant to the scanned business object. A technician will then select a mobile form, complete it on a smartphone and submit to the cloud in real time. If there is no data connection, field technicians can continue to fill out mobile forms and store them locally on the smartphone or tablet. When the connection becomes available they can submit all completed mobile forms at once.

How do we review data submitted using digital mobile forms?

Administrators review submitted mobile forms on the office computers via the web dashboard. As soon as the digital form is submitted, it is available to all authorized users. Office employees can review the submitted digital forms via the admin web dashboard, and field employees on the mobile devices.

QR Mobile Data software also provides an option to pass partially completed mobile forms between the field technicians who use different mobile devices, as well between the field technicians and office employees, so that each person fills out his / her part of the mobile form.

Once the mobile form is completed, it is available via the reports. Administrators can review both completed forms and aggregated reports / statistics on the data submitted via the mobile forms.

Benefits Of Digitizing Field Operations And Paperwork

Digitizing field operations and paperwork increases efficiency, simplifies the job for the field technicians, helps eliminate errors, eliminates redundant data entries, and ensures that business documentation is well organized and is easily accessible.

How digitizing of the field operations and paperwork increases employees' performance.

  • Fast and efficient field data cllection using digital mobile forms. Using digital mobile forms, a field technician can pull out a required form on a smartphone or tablet by scanning a QR code, NFC tag or a bluetooth tag on the asset or equipment, He does not need to carry with him and search for the correct paper form to fill out. Completed mobile form is submitted from the smartphone to the central database in real time, so that all team members can immediately access submitted data. Digital forms can use minimal manual entries - instead selections, scan in fields, hint lists and smart auto-fill is used to make filling out digital mobile forms fast and error-free.
  • Instant information access on the job site. Field technicians can access all information they need to do their job instantly by scanning a QR code or NFC / bluetooth tag with a smartphone. The information can include specs, data sheets, drawings, pdf documents, past maintenance and service history, etc., etc. Instant access to this information helps field technicians complete a job faster and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Mobile forms sharing between devices. In QR Mobile Data software field technicians and office employees can pass partially completed mobile forms between the field technicians with the different mobile devices, as well as between the field and the office. When a completion of the form requires several employees with different qualifications, each employee instantly receives a partially completed form, can do his / her part and pass it on.

How digitizing of the field paperwork increases field operations efficiency.

  • Field technicians spend less time completing the forms / documentation, and more time doing the actual job.
  • Completed mobile forms go straight to the central database - no need for the redundant manual data entries.
  • Real time information access on the job sites facilitates better decision making and makes field employees more efficient.
  • Live access to the submitted mobile forms for all team members allows everyone to complete the job tasks faster and eliminates delays.
  • Organized field documentation, easily accessible and searchable, allows all team members to concentrate on the job rather than spending time searching for the information.

How digitizing of the field operations and paperwork increases accountability.

  • Mobile forms automatically record who completed each form and when it was submitted - so you know exactly who did what and when.
  • Mobile forms automatically include GPS location, so you know exactly where the mobile form was submitted.
  • You have a full audit trail of corrections and changes to the completed mobile forms - who changed which field, and when.
  • Mobile forms can include electronic signature, so you have documentation on the task completion and acceptance by the supervisor or a customer.
  • Mobile forms can include photos, providing a visual documentation for the submitted records.
  • Scannable inspection checklists ensure that the inspector physically visited and checked everything.

How digitizing of the field operations and paperwork provides you with a peace of mind.

The last thing you want is for the important documentation to be misplaced, damaged or lost. Digitizing of the field operations and paperwork ensures that all collected data are securely preserved, are accessible on demand from anywhere by the authorized personnel, and are easily searchable. Keep all documentation at your fingertips, whether you need it for the internal jobs, reports to the clients or an external audit.

Using QR Mobile Data No Code Platform For Digitizing Field Operations And Paperwork

QR Mobile Data no code platform allows you to create mobile forms and checklists for various business scenarios, and stitch mobile forms together using business workflows. No matter how complex your workflow is, you will be able to record all data accurately with the QR Mobile Data mobile application and cloud software.

QR Mobile Data is a mobile data collection software specifically designed for tracking business operations, projects and workflow. With the QR Mobile Data software you will be able to:
  • Link mobile forms to the business objects you are working with (equipment, assets, properties, projects, customers, employees, etc.).
  • Stitch mobile forms together by linking the forms to the specific workflow steps.
  • Use QR code, NFC or bluetooth tags scanning to identify and track business objects, record and access data in the field.
  • Track stages of the workflow / business process and what was done on each step.
  • Get a coherent picture and organized documentation on your business processes and lifetime history of the business objects you are working with.
  • Track assets and inventory for the production processes, achieve backward and forward product traceability.
Whether you need to keep track of the equipment maintenance, report assets or equipment conditions in the field, keep track of the projects or production processes a QR Mobile Data software will make your life easier and will save you from the problems associated with the data loss and errors.

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