Automate Workflow With Mobile Forms Data Collection

Workflow Software With Custom Mobile Forms And Paperless Data Collection

Automate workflow using custom mobile forms and paperless data collection. Reduce manual work, eliminate errors and streamline information flow for better results and increased productivity.


Behind Every Mobile Form There Is A Business Object Or A Process

QR Mobile Data is more than a random collection of the mobile forms. It links mobile data collection to your business workflow, objects, processes and procedures. As a result, you have a complete documentation of all business operations, securely stored and accessible in real time.

How mobile data collection works in QR Mobile software (FAQ)


QR Codes For Dynamic Information Access

  • Use QR codes to identify business objects and dynamically access information in the field.
  • Scan QR code with a smartphone to review object details, recently submitted records and get a list of relevant forms for data collection.
  • Generate and print QR code labels using built-in QR code generation tool.


Custom Mobile Forms For Paperless Data Collection

Give your employees the right tools for collecting data, documenting processes and submitting reports in the field. Mobile data collection using smartphones and QR code scanning reduces data collection time, eliminates double-enties and errors, ensures that collected data are not misplaced or lost, and deliveres information to the right people fast.

Create custom mobile forms via a web dashboard

  • select data type: text, number or date
  • select if the field is required
  • select if user should enter data manually, select from the list or scan in
  • control form fields order
  • break large forms into categories for easier completion
  • add clarifying text to exlain what needs to be done
  • add clarifying image to show what part to check
  • allow users to upload image(s) and collect signatures
  • update forms any time
  • set form submission cycle and receive alerts when next submission is due
  • link forms to the group(s) of business objects
  • link forms to the process / workflow step
  • optionally pre-fill part of a form via the web interface and push it to the mobile devices for completion in the field

Fill out mobile forms on a smartphone

  • scan QR code on the object to identify it and get a list of relevant forms
  • select a form from a list of applicable forms
  • fill out questions in each category
  • enter data manually, select from the list or scan in
  • take photo(s) for visual documentation
  • your data are auto saved on the smartphone - start, stop and resume any time
  • when the form is completed, submit to a centralized cloud location
  • optionally capture a signature
  • create PDF file with the signature included
  • View, print, e-mail PDF file from a smartphone
  • GPS location of the form submission is automatically recorded

How to create and use mobile forms with QR Mobile Data software (FAQ)

Mobile forms capabilities in QR Mobile Data (FAQ)

Advanced mobile forms features


Custom Workflows To Track Your Business Processes And Operations

  • Create custom workflows / processes via the web interface.
  • Define workflow steps, provide description / instructions for each step to guide your employees through the process.
  • Optionally attach mobile form(s) to workflow steps. Make forms required or optional.
  • Employees in the field / on the factory floor will be able to fill out form(s) linked to the current step, and move project / product batches through the stages on site using a smartphone.

How to create and use workflows in QR Mobile Data software (FAQ)


Mobile Data Access

Make sure that your employees have access to the information they need to do their job, without delays and miscommunications.

Create custom fields via a web dashboard

    Create custom fields to hold all required object information:

  • item specification
  • instructions
  • operating procedures
  • images
  • drawings
  • url to pdf documentation
  • anything else you need

Access on a smartphone

    Scan QR code with a smartphone to get access to the object information:

  • static information
  • object status, step in a workflow
  • list of recently submitted records
  • details of each record
  • Users with the right permissions can:

  • update object information on site (take and upload photo, enter new measurements, etc.)
  • add new object on site using a smartphone


Cloud Storage & Real Time Reporting

Collected data are stored in a centralized cloud location

  • Access submitted information in real time
  • Search records by multiple parameters to find required information fast
  • Review form submission locations on a map
  • Print and export submitted data
  • Review status of the projects in progress, and past projects history. Review forms filled out at each workflow step.
  • Create custom PDF reports based on your template. E-mail pdf reports internally or to the client.


Notifications & Alerts

Create custom reminders and never miss an important task or event again

  • Add reminders to the custom date fields (e.g. warranty expiration) and receive automatic alerts when the date is approaching (e.g. warranty is about to expire)
  • Add reminders to the forms, and receive automatic alerts when a task needs to be completed
  • All objects due for a reminder are included in one alert e-mail
  • Specify to whom reminder should be sent, how many days in advance, subject and header text of an e-mail message
  • Add several reminders for the same event (e.g. 5 days in advance and 1 day in advance)
  • Receive an e-mail notification when object status had been changed


Mobile Time Tracking


Your employees can track time on site using a smartphone.

  • With time tracking module, your employees can easily track time that they spent in the location / working on a specific item or task on a smartphone.
  • Scan in location and / or item. Record start / stop work with one click.
  • Track time without data connection, submit all data when connection becomes available.
  • Built-in error checking to make sure time is recorded correctly.
  • GPS location where the time was entered is recorded automatically, can be viewed on the map via reports.
  • Review and export raw time logs, as well as aggregated time reports by employee / location / item / task or project, or any combination of the above.
  • Import time to your payroll or HR software.


Bluetooth Field Equipment Tracking In Real Time


Track field equipment and who is using it in real time with BLE beacon tags and a smartphone

  • Use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) tags and a smartphone to track field assets and who is using them
  • No scanning is required - your employees just need to have a smartphone in their pocket with QR Mobile Data mobile application running in the background
  • Data on equipment location and employee(s) who is working with it is sent to the server continuously and automatically
  • Get a map of real time assets and equipment location
  • Get a log of equipment usage by location and / or employee
  • Analyze equipment utilization: how much time it is used, how much time it spends on the road, how much time it is being idle
  • Get employees time spent on working with equipment and on the road
  • Track employee attendance and locations visits
  • A less expensive alternative to GPS assets location tracking


More On Bluetooth Asset Tracking


Assets And Inventory Management

Use QR Mobile Data together with QR Inventory for a complete business process management and traceability solution. Track assets and inventory on site using QR code / barcode scanning and a smartphone, collect any additional information for inventory transactions. Review real time reports on inventory count, locations, transactions history and usage via a web dashboard. Customize to your business workflow: define everything that you want to track, record and report via an easy to use web interface.

Track assets and inventory on site using a smartphone

  • Use smartphone for QR code / barcode scanning
  • Record inventory or assets transactions
  • Look up inventory stock and locations for a scanned item
  • Review asset or inventory information
  • Add new asset or inventory on site, take photos using a smartphone
  • Update asset information, take additional photos
  • Submit information to the cloud in real time

Control inventory management process and review reports via a web dashboard

  • Manage assets, inventory, locations and users of the system
  • Generate QR codes for assets and inventory, lay out and print QR code labels
  • Define all aspects of your inventory management process: create custom transaction types, what data do you want to collect during inventory transactions, custom fields to hold assets and inventory information, and more.
  • Review and export reports on inventory count, locations, transactions history and usage


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