Automate Workflow With Mobile Forms Data Collection

Workflow Automation Using Smartphones, Mobile Forms And QR Codes

QR Mobile Data uses modern technologies such as QR codes, smartphones and the cloud to make your process of data collection, access and reporting simple, efficient and error-free. Use QR code / barcode scanning to reduce manual entries and errors, and smartphones as barcode scanners and data collection tools.



Automate Tasks And Business Processes With Mobile Forms

automate business tasks
  • Simplify and speed up data collection in the field using a smartphone, QR code / barcode scanning and mobile forms.
  • Eliminate inefficient paper forms, loss of collected information and double entries. Reduce employee-hours needed to collect data, and eliminate costly mistakes.
  • Save money on purchasing barcode scanning and data input hardware, such as mobile computers. Your employees can use their own smartphones for barcode scanning and filling out the forms.
  • Create custom mobile forms via easy and intuitive web dashboard, update any time. Your employees will always have current forms on their mobile devices to fill out.
  • Collect more information than you could have with alternative data collection methods. Field employees can use a smartphone to take photos and attach to the completed form for visual documentation, and / or obtain signatures. GPS location of the data collection is determined and transmitted automatically, so that administrators in the office could see at a glance where the work is being done.
  • Streamline information exchange between the field employees and the office: collected data are submitted to a centralized cloud location and are available to all authorized users and devices in real time.



Use QR Code / Barcode Scanning To Eliminate Manual Entries And Errors

qr code scanning
  • Connect your data inputs with business objects and processes. Use QR codes for business objects identification and dynamic information storage.
  • Scan QR code or barcode on the object to uniquely identify it and access all relevant information in the field: static information, such as specifications or instructions, recently collected records and a list of applicable mobile forms for data collection.
  • Whereever possible, scan in information instead of entering it manually. This is especially useful when tracking lot numbers of the materials that are used to produce an assembly or finished product. An option to quickly scan in all lot numbers instead of entering them manually speeds up data collection and eliminates errors.



Give Employees Fast Access To The Critical Information

mobile data access
  • Increase productivity and operations effectivness by giving your field employees all information they need to get the job done. Instead of calling office or another technician and waiting for a response, field employees get all necessary information right away when they need it. All they need to do is scan QR code on an asset or other business object with their smartphone.
  • You decide what exactly your employees will get access to, and create custom fields to hold all required information via a web dashboard. Information may include images, drawings, url to pdf documentation, item specifications, operating instructions, emergency procedures and anything else you need.
  • Field technicians can see at a glance all procedures that were done to the scanned object recently, will know what to do next and plan their work better.
  • Employees with an administrative access can do changes to the object data right in the field, such as taking and adding a photo or taking new measurements.



Improve Quality Control And Traceability

quality control and traceability

Traceability and quality control helps you detect and eliminate problems in the production process as they happen, saving you a lot of money and big problems down the road. If a problem is reported later, you can always go back and restore all details for each production step, pinpoint where the problem could have happened and make process improvements so that the problem won't happen again.
End-to-end traceability is a requirement for some industries (such as food and medical), but it is very important for all businesses even if it is not an official requirement. Using QR Mobile Data, you will be able to:

  • Define what information you want to record for each step of the process.
  • Create custom quality control mobile forms.
  • Employees will record all necessary information on site using their smartphones, and fill out quality control forms when necessary.
  • Collected information, linked to a specific product batch or project, is stored in a secure cloud.
  • You can access an entire "paper" trail for each product batch or project at any time.
  • If the problem in the process is found, you can easily find other products that may have been affected.



Keep Important Documentation In Order

production process documentation
  • Mobile forms allow employees to collect data and fill out forms on site, as they are performing business operations or production steps. Just-in-time data collection not only increases productivity and efficiency by eliminating double entries, but also produces more reliable and timely information.
  • All collected data are stored in a secure cloud - so you won't misplace or lose an important documentation.
  • Ability to filter collected data by multiple parameters allows you to quickly find required information.



Real Time Access To Project Status And Collected Information

real time data access
  • Real time access to the collected information shortens your reaction time and helps your company to be more responsive and efficient. This is especially important for time sensitive information, such as equipment damage reports or problems discovered in the production process.
  • Centralized cloud storage ensures that all authorized users have access to the collected data in real time.



Organize And Track Business Assets And Inventory

asset tracking

Combine mobile data collection with assets and inventory management for a complete production process management and traceability solution.

  • Track assets and inventory in multiple locations with a smartphone or tablet.
  • Process inventory transactions on site by scanning QR code or barcode label with a smartphone running iOS or android.
  • Collect any additional data on the transaction if applicable, take photos and collect signatures.
  • Customize every aspect of your inventory management / asset tracking process. Define everything that you want to track, record and report via a web dashboard.
  • Real time data on assets location, inventory stock, transactions history and inventory usage.


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